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Umeme is an electronic live band with a strong backbone of Acid, House & Techno, influenced by African rhythms.

Check out our ADE aftermovie. That party was sick!

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next e.p.

We teamed up with Milan-based Ckrono and went on a nightly trip from the bushes down low high into space.

This E.P.is released on Trax Records.

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Seeing us live is like tripping on acid. It'll make you go insane, melt your face and keep you dancing far into the night.

Into the Woods

The Netherlands
September 14, 2018

"This is what pure sex sounds like. Treat your ears to this and dance, even if you're home alone."

Idris Amir —— Pitchfork


Our tour through China was the effin' shit! We came, we saw and we conquered that entire nation!